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March Madness Keeper
A Pastor G's Joint FileMaker Pro Runtime Solution
By Glenn A. Lucas

March Madness Keeper is a simple program to help you visually track the NCAA Men's Division I tournament. It includes all 65 teams in their correct brackets and match ups. You could of course track the women's tournament as well but you will have to create a new record and add the teams and locations yourself since I'm only interested in the men's tournament. Technically you could use it for any tournament with up to 64 teams (65 with a play in).

Screen Shot

System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X
  • March Madness Keeper (FMP Runtime) - 25.3 MB free disk space
  • March Madness Keeper for FMP - FileMaker Pro 7, 1.1 MB free disk space



  • Simply drag the March Madness Keeper folder to your application folder and launch.

Using March Madness Keeper

Play In

  • Click on the gray box next to the team's name to populate the 16th seed with the winner of the Play In game.

Advancing Winners

  • Click on the ranking of the winning team to advance it to the next round of play.
  • If you make a mistake simply click on the correct winner’s arrow to change the advancing team.

Entering Game Scores

  • In the first round click under the matched teams in the light gray bracket and enetr the score.
  • In the following rounds click in the light gray bracket between the matched teams to enter the score.
  • For the National Championship game the score box will appear under the National Champ bracket.


  • Click the printer icon. Preview the print job to ensure that the entire bracket prints on your computer. By default Page Setup is set to print at 64% of magnification. Adjust the percentage for your computer if the layout is cut off or does not fill your page.


This is freeware. It carries no warranty. Glenn Lucas. Pastor G's Joint and Intelligent Church Resources are not responsible for the loss of any data on your machine do to the use of this software. Use at your own risk.

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March Madness Keeper © 2005 by Glenn A. Lucas. All rights reserved.

© 2005 Glenn A. Lucas. All rights reserved.